Child Support

In Kentucky, child support is determined based on the Kentucky Child Support Guidelines.  The combined adjusted income of both parties is considered in determining the amount of child support that the child is entitled to.  Both parents contribute to the support amount in proportion to their incomes. Anna Aleksander had represented numerous parties in Kentucky Child Support Proceedings. Call for a free consultation.

Modification of Child Support.  Child Support Increase & Child Support Reduction.  *** Be careful subject to some exceptions there is no  retroactive modification of child support in Kentucky.

If the amount of support previously ordered or agreed to is no longer appropriate because it is either too low, or too high, Anna Aleksander, Aleksander Law Office can help you and your family by filing appropriate motions to modify the original support order.  Before one can file a modification petition there must be a “material change” in circumstances. A material change is rebuttably presumed when there is at least a 15% change in the amount of support due per month. See KRS 403.213

Flagrant Non-support & Non-support

Aleksander Law Office, represents people accused of non-support.  In criminal proceedings, the prosecution bears the burden of establishing that the party who is prosecuted for non-support has the ability to pay. Call Aleksander Law Office now for a free consultation. (502) 589-0816 or fill out an online contact form. All inquiries are answered promptly.