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Aleksander Law Office, defends felonies, as well as persistent felony offenders and represents defendants in felony probation revocation hearings. A felony charge is very serious and an attorney should be consulted immediately. Aleksander Law Office will handle all stages of your criminal defense with diligence and personal attention that you deserve. The consequences of a felony conviction are severe and a skilled and experienced attorney understands that. Many times, after investigation, Anna Aleksander is able to reduce your felony charges to a misdemeanor. This is because she has the knowledge of the law and she can spot right away when the police charged her clients with trumped up charges. Not always, but sometimes the charges of felony do not fit the facts.  She advocates for her clients and she is not afraid to bring her arguments to the judge  when she can’t agree with the prosecutors.

Having a knowledgeable and skilled criminal defense attorney is very important. It is important that you have a lawyer from day one, preferably immediately at arraignment.  In felony cases you have a right to a preliminary hearing. This is where the district court judge hears the evidence and determines is there was probable cause to charge you with a felony. A preliminary hearing is one  of your essential rights.

With Aleksander Law Office, PLLC Anna Aleksander, you will sleep at night knowing that she has the skills and the knowledge to help you with your criminal charges. She started out practicing criminal law in 2008. She knows every trick and loophole and she will exploit it for you. She cares about your Constitutional Rights and she will fight for you relentlessly. She has had numerous charges dismissed and reduced for her client. When the bond is set too high, she can make a motion to reduce it.  You will not regret calling her.

Initially, Anna Aleksander will discuss your case with you and explain to you your charges and your options. Anna Aleksander will carefully investigate the facts and circumstances of your case to prepare a defense for a trial. If the evidence against you is very strong, a plea bargain may be reached. The possibility of going to trial will be discussed with you and if necessary, Aleksander Law Office will defend you in your criminal trial.

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