Aleksander Law Office handles all misdemeanor cases in district court in Jefferson County and in the surrounding counties including Bullitt and Oldham. From arraignment to trial, if you or your loved one is accused of a misdemeanor you should contact an experienced criminal defense attorney as soon as possible.

Misdemeanor offences include:

  • Public Intoxication
  • Disorderly Conduct
  • Resisting Arrest
  • Theft under or over $300
  • Assault
  • Terroristic Threatening
  • Harassment
  • Criminal Mischief
  • Criminal Trespass
  • Possession of Controlled Substances
  • Possession of Marijuana

Securing good legal representation early in the process is crucial to the defense of your criminal case. An experienced criminal defense lawyer will thoroughly review and investigate the factual and the legal issues in your case.

If your rights have been violated during or after the arrest, motions to suppress evidence illegally obtained by the police must be made, witnesses must be found, and your version of the events meticulously documented.

Many misdemeanors are resolved without a trial. This is accomplished through the dismissal of the charges, or through the plea-bargaining process. Anna Aleksander will defend you at your criminal trial if necessary.

Anna Aleksander is a diligent and aggressive. She will personally work on your criminal matter giving you and your case the attention that you deserve.

If you or a loved one is charged with a misdemeanor,

Call Aleksander Law Office to discuss your claim (502) 589-0816 or fill out our contact form.

Brief Overview of the Process:

Typically, after you have been arrested and booked you will be arraigned. Aleksander Law Office represents clients at bail reduction hearings. It is important to reduce your bail to an amount that you or your family members can afford. At the conclusion of your case the bail money will be returned to the person that posted it upon the presentation of the receipt.

    • ARRAIGNMENT: Arraignment is the initial court appearance before the district court judge. At the arraignment you will be informed of the charges against you and will be asked to enter an initial plea. At that time you will also get your next court date. Aleksander law office represents clients at arraignment.
    • BAIL: The typical criteria for bail involve the assessment of a number of factors some of which will include the following: the dangerousness of the crime, anticipated conduct if released, your previous criminal record, your ties to the community, and your ability to pay. In every misdemeanor case release of recognizance, “ROR,” is the ultimate goal. Even if you are not eligible for an ROR, an experienced attorney can significantly improve your chances of getting your bail reduced to an amount that you or your family members can afford.
    • PRELIMINARY HEARING & THE PRETRIAL CONFERENCE: If you are in custody, you must be given a preliminary hearing within 10 days. If you are out of custody your preliminary hearing must be given in 20 days unless it is waived. If a preliminary hearing is not given during the appropriate time, the charges against you may be dismissed. At the preliminary hearing, the judge determines probable cause. If no probable cause is found then the charges against you are dismissed. A preliminary hearing provides a great opportunity to discover facts about your case and to learn about the government’s evidence against you. Therefore, waiving a preliminary hearing is not always advisable. Anna Aleksander will discuss this with you.
    • MOTIONS FOR DISCOVERY AND SUPPRESSION OF ILLEGALLY OBTAINED EVIDENCE: In each case the facts and circumstances will help determine which pre-trial motions if any your attorney should file. If your 4th Amendment rights were violated during an unlawful search or seizure, or if you confession was unconstitutionally obtained in violation of your 5th or 6th Amendment rights, then suppression motions should be made. Discovery by way of Bill of Particulars is usually done after the arraignment.
    • TRIAL: If Anna Aleksander is unable to successfully settle your case, it may be necessary to go to trial. Anna Aleksander, handles matters through trial.


Depending on your criminal history and the severity and the nature of your present misdemeanor offense, a number of alternatives to incarceration may be available to you. These alternatives may include:

      • Home incarceration program, “HIP”
      • Probation
      • Conditional dismissal
      • Restitution
      • Diversion
      • Community service
      • Education and/ or treatment

Anna Aleksander will carefully explain these options to you and the likelihood that you are eligible for each of these.


If you are charged with a misdemeanor and are already on probation, a motion to revoke your probation will probably be made. If revoked you may be facing significant time in jail. Anna Aleksander, will work diligently on your behalf to help you prevent the drastic consequences of a revocation. Aleksander Law Office handles probation revocation hearings and negotiates with the prosecutors to help you avoid a revocation.


Certain misdemeanor and violation convictions may be expunged from your record. This will improve your chances of getting a job and will improve the quality of your life. Aleksander Law Office helps clients through the process of expungement.