Sentencing Louisville

After trial or an entry of a guilty plea you will be sentenced. Depending on your criminal history and the severity and the nature of your present misdemeanor or a felony offense, a number of alternatives to incarceration may be available to you. These alternatives may include:

  • Fine
  • Home Incarceration Program, “HIP”
  • Confinement with work release
  • Probation (Supervised If Felony)
  • Conditional Dismissal
  • Restitution
  • Diversion
  • Community Service/ Labor
  • Education and / or Treatment
  • Drug Court

Anna Aleksander will carefully explain these sentencing options to you and the likelihood that you will be eligible for any of these.

Presentensing Investigation, “PSI” – Judges use PSI reports when determining your sentence. A PSI report will be presented to you prior to sentencing and you will have an opportunity to object to it. A PSI report will typically contain personal information about you, your criminal history, the probation officer’s observations, and the details of the offense of which you are convicted. Judges give great weight to the PSI, however your attorney may still present arguments on your behalf at your sentencing hearing.

Aleksander Law Office also handles the following motions:

  • Motions to reduce sentence
  • Shock probation

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