Traffic Violations

Have you been stopped for speeding or accused of violating a traffic law? Aleksander Law Office is here to help. A speeding ticket can result in serious penalties beyond a fine including points on your driving record, a license suspension, and a significant raise in your insurance premiums.

While you may very well be treated with respect, and may even reach a deal with the prosecutor on your own, having an attorney by your side who knows the law and who is familiar with the facts and circumstances of your case is the best way to go.

See Points Assessment in Kentucky – 601 KAR 13.025

Conviction for one (1) of the following serious violations of the motor vehicle laws may be cause for suspension of the driving privilege for the period of time indicated:

  1. Racing – 90 days;
  2. Speeding 26 MPH or more over limit – 90 days; or
  3. Attempting to elude law enforcement officer by use of motor vehicle – 90 days. Conviction for any one (1) of the following moving traffic offenses shall be cause for assessment of the points indicated:
  4. Speeding 15 MPH or less over the limit – 3 (except as provided in KRS 186.572);
  5. Speeding 16 MPH or more, but less than 26 MPH, over the limit – 6;
  6. Failure to stop for church or school bus – 6;
  7. Improper passing – 5;
  8. Reckless driving – 4;
  9. Driving on wrong side of road – 4;
  10. Following too closely – 4;
  11. Failure to yield to emergency vehicle – 4;
  12. Changing drivers in a moving vehicle – 4;
  13. Vehicle not under control – 4;
  14. Stop violation (electric signal, railroad crossing, stop sign) – 3;
  15. Failure to yield – 3;
  16. Wrong way on one-way street – 3;
  17. Too fast for conditions – 3;
  18. Too slow for conditions – 3;
  19. Improper start – 3;
  20. Improper driving – 3;
  21. Careless driving – 3;
  22. Failure to yield left lane – 3;
  23. Improper lane usage – 3;
  24. Failure to illuminate headlights – 3;
  25. Failure to dim headlights – 3;
  26. Any other moving hazardous violation – 3;
  27. Commission of a moving hazardous violation which involves an accident – 6; or
  28. Combination of two (2) or more moving hazardous violations in one (1) occurrence – 6.

The cabinet may:

  1. Suspend the driving privilege of a person:
    1. Eighteen (18) years of age or above who accumulates twelve (12) penalty points within a period of two (2) years;
    2. Less than eighteen (18) years of age who accumulates six (6) or more penalty points within a period of two (2) years.
  2. For a period of:
    1. Six (6) months for the first accumulation;
    2. One (1) year for the second accumulation

An attorney may significantly improve the likelihood of your success in court.  Anna Aleksander will be there to assist you either by reaching an acceptable plea agreement or by fighting your case in traffic court.

While court attendance is advisable, if you are busy with work or have other commitments, if your have an attorney your presence in court is not necessary. Giving your attorney the citation and having her come to court for you is all that you will need.

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