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Truck Accident Injury Lawyer in Kentucky

Anna Aleksander, Louisville Kentucky Injury Attorney

Kentucky Personal Injury Lawyer  Anna Aleksander  I handle truck injury accident cases in Kentucky.  Also licensed in NY. Get the compensation you deserve. 502-589-0816 Free Consultation with a truck injury lawyer!

A devastating injury can happen in an accident with a big commercial truck. Unfortunately, many people in USA die in commercial truck accidents due to the negligence of the big truck drivers.

Inattention, fatigue, talking on phone while operating a truck, eating, falling asleep, drinking on the job, failure to properly maintenance the truck can all lead to crashes that result in serious injuries to innocent drivers.  If you or a loved one has suffered an injury or death as a result of the negligence of a truck driver, call Anna Aleksander, Attorney at  Aleksander Law Office PLLC.

Don’t expect the truck drivers, their employers or their insurance companies to admit fault right away and to pay you your damages even if you are seriously hurt. Just like all other insurance companies who like to fight hardball with injured claimants, the truck companies are not different.  An experiences truck accident lawyer will fight for your rights to get you the compensation that you deserve.  The truck accident injuries tend to be more severe and more economically devastating for the injured.

It is important to preserve the evidence right away. Call  lawyer Anna Aleksander, Aleksander Law Office, PLLC 502-589-0816 right away do not wait because important evidence can disappear fast.

What is the typical Truck Injury Settlement amount? Truck injury settlements tend to be much higher. Obviously is due in part to higher policy limits and the injured parties may be able to get more compensation due to this fact.  In order to get compensation, the  injured claimant must prove the following (N) Negligence+ (C) Causation + (I)Injury +(L) Loss/Other losses or economic losses such as pain and suffering, past and future medical bills, past and future economic losses, loss of earning capacity, loss of income.  Depending on the severity of the injury the settlement payout should take into account all of the injured person’s losses. Compensation depends on expenses, pain and suffering and loss of earnings past present and future.

Truck drivers must comply with FMCSA regulations.  Accidents may occur due to failure to follow federal regulations such as 49 CFR 395 (Hours of Service), 49 CFR 40 drug and alcohol testing. The CFR 392.2, requires truck drivers to follow laws, ordinances, and regulations of the jurisdiction unless the federal regulations have a higher standard in which case the federal regulations control. 392.27 imposes an independent duty on the drivers to inspect the truck to make sure that it is in working order including service brakes, including trailer brake connections, parking (hand) brake, steering mechanism, lighting devices and reflectors, tires, horn. windshield wiper or wipers, rear-vision mirror or mirrors, coupling devices, wheels and rims, emergency equipment. Likewise, truck drivers are not allowed to text or use a hand held phone devices while driving.

These and other violations may result in driver inattention and serious injuries and fatalities.

It is very important to investigate the truck driver and the circumstances of the wreck. Often times the truck maybe removed from the scene and taken to a storage yard. Timing is important. Inspecting a truck as soon as possible after the wreck is very important as it may present clues about the wreck.  Truck companies must also comply with safety registration requirements. The inspection of the truck may disclose vital information which may otherwise remain unknown and which maybe very important to the Plaintiff’s case.


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