Warrant Court

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What is warrant court?

The only major difference between regular criminal court and warrant court is the way your case gets started. In the regular court, the warrant is taken out by the police. In warrant court, the warrant results from a criminal complaint initiated by a private person.

If you have been summoned to warrant court, consult an attorney.

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Anna Aleksander is a Criminal Defense Attorney in Louisville Kentucky. She started her own practice in 2008 exclusively practicing in Criminal Defense and that’s how she knows every loophole and every trick. Knowing the law is extremely important.

She has a lot of experience. She represented numerous people in District and Circuit Court with amazing results over the years.

She is aggressive and she cares about your rights and about the outcome of your case. Criminal charges can have a serious effect on your life. Anna Aleksander loves helping you get your charges removed, lessened, or amended and the prosecutors know that about her. She will relentlessly fight for your legal rights. Time and time again she has had her clients charges dismissed, amended or reduced. This does not guarantee the same result for you, however Anna Aleksander will fight for you. You have constitutional rights and she will make sure that they are protected.

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Wanton Endangerment

Robbery 1, 2, 3


Drug Possession

Drug Trafficking

Driving Under the Influence, DUI

Driving on a suspended license

Driving without insurance

Speeding/traffic violations

Domestic Violence

Assault 4th degree

Harassment physical contact

Criminal Trresspass

Cultivating Marijuana Plants

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