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Obviously, call a lawyer right away! If you chose me, then you can call or text me for an immediate response. (502)589-0816


1. Take photographs.

2. If you are injured don’t refuse medical treatment at the scene. Kentucky is a no-fault state and most people will have no-fault coverage on their insurance policies called PIP. PIP will pay for up to the first $10,000.00 of your medical bills or even more if you purchased higher limits or have “Med pay”.

3. Tell your version to the police. Do not leave without notifying the police.

4. Lately it has been the practice in Louisville Kentucky due to the pandemic or other concerns, for the police not to arrive at the scene unless there is an injury accident. If you think you might be injured, please make sure to tell the 911 operator.

5. Save the evidence. Take photos of not only your car but of the car of the party at fault.

6. Most importantly don’t let the witnesses leave without obtaining their phone numbers. Sometimes a strong case can become weak without witnesses.

7. Remember that the police officer’s conclusions as to fault are not conclusive.

8. Record and take pictures.

9. Call a lawyer right away. You can call or text me directly if you need to. I will usually pick up the phone or return your call right away. 502-589-0816.

After an accident, if the police arrived to the scene, they will give you a little card and refer you to to obtain a copy of the accident report or the Uniform Traffic Collision Report.

Save that card and give it to your lawyer. I will obtain that report for you in many cases if you provide me with the report number written on the card.

Which Doctor Should I chose after a car accident?

Rest and seek medical treatment and follow up treatment. I cannot refer you to a doctor. Imagine we are trying your case in court and the Defense lawyer asks you on the stand, how is it that you ended up with this doctor? You respond: “Well my lawyer told me to go.” It weakens your case. Chose your medical professionals on your own. As your lawyer I can tell which ones I trust, or which ones I have dealt with in the past in your geographical proximity, but I can’t refer you to one. It is always best to get care from an M.D.

Then what?

Your car is a wreck. You are upset. You may need to get around. Report the claim to the insurance company or better yet, call a lawyer who can make a claim for you.

Reporting a claim to the insurance company: If you don’t have a lawyer and feel like they are pressuring you to get your recorded statement you can say no and let your lawyer handle it when the lawyer is retained. It is true that what you tell the insurance company can be misconstrued, taken out of context, and ultimately used against you to destroy or weaken your legal case.

What happens later, hopefully, you get a rental car and are recovering. You will treat by a medical doctor. The lawyer you hired will obtain medical records and work of demand for damages which will be submitted to the insurance company of the party at fault.

Settlement negotiations can take some time. There is never a guarantee that a case will settle. If it looks like the insurance companies are low-balling you, then it’s time to file suit.

In Kentucky, the lost wages will be covered up to $200.00 per week by your no-fault insurance coverage. Clearly, $200.00 per week is not enough. This is just to hold you over until there is a settlement or a verdict. Your ultimate injury settlement will and should compensate you for your loss of income. Remember the no-fault benefits will not have to be repaid.

If you need legal advice, I offer free Consultations just call me at 502-589-0816

This blog was written by Anna Aleksander, Attorney

This article/blog is written by Anna Aleksander. Copyright photos and content Anna Aleksander, Attorney. Disclaimer: This article is not legal advice but only general suggestions which may or may not apply to your situation. In no event should it be relied on without additional legal advice.

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